How to Have an App-solutely Brilliant Trip to Brum


iPhone Apps for Birmingham

If you want to get more out of Birmingham, there’s a great bunch of Apps you can download for your iPhone.

First things first – with all the incredible eateries that Birmingham has to offer, where do you start? Well, I suggest you start with fonefood. Fonefood not only finds the best restaurant deals that are in your proximity, but you can also book your table using it too. Genious! If you want it, text fonefood to 85959.

Not sure where to get a cab from? Download Rocket Taxi. This nifty little App finds your current location and then lists the nearest taxi companies to you. Each listing has been given a star rating, so you’ll know which companies to trust, and it will even give you an estimate of how many pennies your ride will cost you.

If like me, you’ve got a habit of forgetting where you’ve parked your car, you need the G-Park application. Park your car and tap the “Park Me” button. The App will remember where you have stuck your motor, and when you’re ready to head back, tap the “Where did I park?” button and it will give you directions!

Staying over night? Pronto is an app that lets you search for hotels and restuarants, without the hastle of having to use a load of drop down menus and tick boses. Instead, it works like a search engine, so if you type “need a hotel in birmingham, help!” – it’ll give you a list in seconds. You can also search for food places; try putting in “table for 2 at chinese in birmingham tonight” and it’ll give you everything you need.

Nru is a great app which will work out your location – including which way you’re facing. It will guide you to the nearest bars, cafes, cinemas, theatres etc, and as you turn direction, the view will change, meaning you are guarenteed to be going in the right direction. It’s like a virtual compas and it’s brilliant!

There are a few good apps that are specific to Birmingham. Style Birmingham is a massive directory of some of the best places to visit in Birmingham. It’s a free application, that lists shops, restaurants, bars, etc. and it will give you extra information like maps and contact details.

IN Birmingham is another useful app. This will give you a list of the top ten Birmingham attractions, and all the information you need about them.

Retail Birmingham tells you all you need to know about Birmingham’s vast array of shops. It will give you details on everything from the Bullring through to some of the cities smaller, hidden gems.

If you’ve found any other good apps for Birmingham, you can recommend them using the comments fields below. You can also find other ideas for great days out, things to do and places to stay in Birmingham on


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