Top 5 UK Food Blogs


Food blogging has become something of a favourite pastime among British writers, and as the industry grows, it becomes harder to find the ones you really love, and respect the opinion of. Have a look at some of our top UK food bloggers and their accolades.

Great British Chefs –

Great British ChefsGreat British Chefs is a fantastic site for home grown, proper British food inspiration. Use up your Sunday roast leftovers with a great duck ragu recipe by Matthew Tomkinson, or click on classic British recipes to learn how to cook up some traditional favourites like apple and blackberry crumble or delicious Cornish rarebit. It also has a great feature for culinary beginners – you can watch video clips of some of the great British chefs showing you how to perform simple kitchen skills like de-seeding a chilli or making basic pastry. The team have also developed a new app for iPhone and iPad too, packed with recipes from some of Britain’s best loved chefs.


Eat like a Girl –

Eat Like a GirlEat like a Girl combines the best of travel and food blogs, while exploring the life of an Irish ex-pat living in London. Most of the recipes featured on the site are her own and are inspired by her love of travel, her favourite places and people she has met along the way. My favourite section of this site is the “Posh Lunch Club,” where she reviews various lunch menus around the UK, trying delicious looking nosh such as chargrilled monkfish with anchovy and rosemary sauce, soft polenta and parmesan and even a homemade rhubarb G&T! She also details cookery classes (which she runs herself) and competitions which readers can enter and win foodie prizes.


A Merrier World –

A Merrier WorldA Merrier World is primarily a tantalising bakery blog, where you can learn how to make your own sweet treats, from chocolate cinnamon squares to fantastic fruity flapjacks. Many of these recipes are inspired by childhood, such as “Roald Dahl’s Treacle Toffee” and “Spooky Spider Sandwich Cookies”, so it’s a great blog to log onto if you want to introduce children to the joys of baking. The writer herself is a mum with three little ones so she knows exactly what mini budding bakers are looking for when searching for an afternoon snack. The “Quick Cheats” section features some great quick and easy recipes from mums on the move too.


Cook Sister –

Cook SisterCook Sister has been featured in the Times Online as one of the 50 best food blogs in the world. It is home to some of the most detailed restaurant reviews to be found online. The writer even occasionally reviews the same restaurant multiple times if she has visited more than once. Everything from the menu to the staff, the décor to the drinks list is covered so if you’re stuck for somewhere to visit for lunch or dinner this weekend, then check out this blog – it covers all kinds of cuisine catering to every size of budget.



Cheese and Biscuits –

Cheese and BiscuitsThe writer of popular London food blog Cheese and Biscuits has been dubbed one of the city’s “Most Influential Londoners” by the London Evening Standard and named as a top 5 “Food Blogger Restaurants Should Fear” by Esquire magazine. He covers everything from fast food, to fine dining, street food to gastro pub grub. Take a look at his blog if you are looking for dinner inspiration on a budget – he just might have the answer and this guy doesn’t miss a trick.


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  1. I only know Eat Like a Girl from that list, so will check those out. My blog is mainly recipes… I guess it’s ‘easy recipes for busy food lovers’. I’m kind of new (April last year). Have a look and say hi! : )

  2. Great post, thanks for sharing the top UK food blogs with us! Cheesnbiscuits looks like it’s going to be my fav!!

  3. indian recipes fan on

    I personaly feel that Eat like a Girl is the best among all of them, I have used lots of her tips in my cooking.

  4. I love both Great British Chefs and Eat Like a Girl – they’re both go-tos when I’m looking for something new to try and don’t have any ideas with what to do with the food I already have in the fridge. I always find something delicious on one (or both) of them :)

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