BBC Children in Need Pop Goes the Musical – Thriller Live


BBC Children In Need 'Pop Goes The Musical' -Stooshe


Get your sparkling gloves and fedoras out, because it’s MJ time! Excitingly we’re going to be bringing the Stooshe treatment to Thriller Live! As massive fans of the King of Pop since as long as we can remember, we jumped at the chance of performing one of his songs for BBC Children in Need.

We’ve already been to check out the show twice. It’s amazing and we can’t get enough. Having seen how great the cast are, we’re working extra hard to make sure we do the show and the music justice. It’s really not easy living up to Michael Jackson.

We’re buzzing about the costumes too. Michael Jackson had such a unique style, so it’s about taking that and giving it our own twist. Thriller, Smooth Criminal, Bad and many more had it all: the music, the style and of course…the dance moves.

There were so many great songs to choose one from and our final choice may turn a few heads. It’s definitely one that some may not expect us to perform.

It’s going to be a great night and we can’t wait to be sharing it with Macy Gray and Joe McElderry. Their performances will be big and the whole night will be incredible!

Taking part in BBC Children in Need is a huge deal for all of us. Having grown up watching it every year and seeing the great charitable work being done, we feel honoured to be part of it in 2013. Hopefully we can help to raise a lot of money for such a worthy cause. Thank you all for your support in advance and head to for tickets.

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