BarChick: Top 5 Romantic Bars in Europe


With Valentine’s day heading our way yet again love is in the air and it’s time to impress. Whether you’re trying to seduce a date in London or you want to spoil the one you love with a trip away we’ve got the bars to go to! Here are some of BarChick’s favourite romantic bars in Europe, so get booking those travel tickets on!

Beaufort Bar The Beaufort Bar at The Savoy – London

Champagne is the way to go if you really want to pull out the stops and take Valentines Day seriously. Head to the infamous The Savoy and enter the deep dark and luxurious Beaufort Bar. Your date will be wowed immediately, with over £30,000 worth of gold leaf used on the walls this is not for just anybody! They have got LOADS of champagne on offer by the glass so work your way through the list and get comfy. Plus there is live entertainment each night, man are they spoiling you. This is a bullet proof date option, if they are the one, you’ve gotta take them here. It’s a no brainer.

Apicius BarApicius -Paris

If you want to impress a date you need a grand entrance, and they don’t get any grander than the one at Apicius! Walk past all the sculptures in the luxe front garden and up the path to the 18th century mansion. With an army of waiters waiting to tend to you you’ll be swept to a seat before your bag can touch the ground. This is a Michelin starred restaurant with a one month waiting list, but grab a seat at the bar, this is just as impressive! Think crystal chandeliers, and ornate columns. There is no menu here, the bartenders want to make a drink perfect for you and your tastes, explain what you look for in a drink and tuck in to the unbelievable bar snacks that keep on coming. Warm olive soufflés, mini croquet-monsieurs and foie gras pate… YES please. Dress to impress and get ready to wine and dine like a pro.

Black Angel Bar

Black Angels – Prague

Head down into this cave like basement of Hotel U Prince and you’ll enter one of Prague’s finest bars (everyone loves a hidden gem… date points!). Black Angels is all dark, sexy and mysterious with stone walls and amazing chandeliers… the perfect get away from the Old Town tourist traffic!

They’ve got plenty of awards so you’re in good hands! Take your pick from the classic cocktail menu, and even try  a few of their own creations there will be something to suit everyone. Impress your date and order the Blue Blazer… perfect for a cold night too! If things are going well then hide and get cosy in one of the many dark corners, they are all over the place! Sip your drink and whisper sweet nothings as the pianist whips out some classical versions of rock classics… Metallica anyone?!

Salon 39 Bar Salon 39 – Copenhagen

If you’re after a classy wow factor bar then head down to the super sexy Salon 39. This discreet little gem is all distressed walls, old lamps, photo frames and a couple of stuffed crows (why not?! Taxidermy is so in these days). With a serious cocktail menu that is far from your run in the mill options you’re bound to find something you like; maybe experiment and try one of their drinks with meat infused spirits.  Go on you know you want to….

The crowd’s nice and civilised so you’ll stay clear from the bar brawls or girls who have had one too many, perfect date territory! If you want some food then get a table at the back. Make sure you put on your best outfit and spend the whole night here.

Stravinskij BarStravinskij Bar – Rome

One of Rome’s most luxurious bars, this is the perfect spot for some romancing with a date whether it’s inside or out in the stunning courtyard. This bar is based in Hotel De Russie, take a seat in the purple velvet armchairs enjoy the elegant atmosphere and enjoy a drink (they even have healthy cocktails if you’re date is wanting to be good!). If it is not too cold then sip Dom Perignon outside on one of the wrought iron tables and get people watching. Expect moneyed men and women donning Armani and Versace, this really is an exclusive and fashionable place to meet, a place to be seen, so it’s got date written all over it.


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