Avenue Q on a New Street


Avenue Q

Following a long and successful West End run, the Avenue Q cast and crew moved to Wyndham’s Theatre in March, 2010. They’ve settled in nicely and are back to entertain you with their tales from the cheaper side of town, starring a variety of badly behaved puppets and humans.

The story starts with Princeton (played by Paul Spicer), a recent graduate, looking for a cheap place to rent and searching loftily for his purpose in life. He’s given a series of reality checks by new landlord, down-at-heel former child star Gary Coleman, and the new neighbours – a motley crew of failed comedians, therapists with no patients, and assorted monsters.

The catchy-but-oh-so-wrong songs include What Do You Do with a B.A. in English?, If You Were Gay, Schadenfreude, Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist, and The Internet Is for Porn. Let’s just say that no holy cow is left unskewered.

Love interest arrives in the form of Kate Monster, then later things get really messy with Lucy The Slut, and everyone’s persuaded to behave appallingly by the Bad Idea Bears. Round after round of absinthe daiquiris on a school night? Great idea! Yaaay! Princeton learns a few life lessons through his dealings with Trekkie Monster (played by the excellent Tom Parsons), Brian and his fiancée Christmas Eve, and roommates Rod and Nicky, and ends up a little more streetwise.

Maybe not something you’d take your prim and proper Great Aunt to watch, but very enjoyable for everyone else. Even on a weekday matinee the audience were well up for a laugh and clapping along to the music. Look out for the excellent ticket deals which are regularly on offer.


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