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Things to do
1 Burns Night In London 2017: Where To Raise A Toast

Forget Dry January. It’s tartan time in London when Burns Night and Scottish-themed suppers make their annual return. Traditionally held on Robert Burns’ birthday, 25th January (which is a Wednesday in 2017), the idea is to eat, drink, dance and generally be merry. After all it’s what Scotland’s national poet…

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0 The First Timer’s Guide To Las Vegas

You can live the American Dream in one (long) weekend in Las Vegas. This is crazy town and if you don’t come back with plenty of stories then you’ve not really done it properly. They’ve created replicas of Venice, Paris and Merrie England in three of the hotels. You can be…

Destination guides
0 15 Reasons To Raise A Glass In Munich

Munich is so laidback you’ll see surfers wandering through the city centre with their boards (seriously). They also invented the beer garden here. So while that’s probably enough to get us booking our flights, we’d thought we’d better tell you more about the Bavarian capital, which is consistently voted one…

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0 Where To Do Your Christmas Shopping In London

The annual Christmas shopping bonanza will see more than 40 million people visit London over the festive period. You’ll find world class independent stores, flagship big-name brands and Christmas lights, Christmas markets and other seasonal events going on in the capital – making it more than just a shopping opportunity.…

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0 Where Are The Best Places To See The Northern Lights?

Stargazing is awesome. But it’s even better when the sky is lit up with luminous green, blues, reds and pinks. The boring explanation for the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) is that they’re created by collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun, which create the colour when they enter the…

Things to do
0 Theatre Shows To See In The Lead Up To Christmas

Going to the theatre at any time of year is brilliant, but it’s even better at Christmas. Everyone’s just a bit more excitable than usual. There’s also just something about the London streets in winter, with the twinkly Christmas street lights. And laughing burns calories – fact. So we reckon you’ll…

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